Amsterdam 2020 ArtID is a contemporary art event that presents collective and solo projects by leading and emerging international artists. The group exhibition examines how the language of abstraction and figurative form can turn narratives of memory and identity into dominant and meaningful representations of reality. Each artist presents a new work for the ArtId Event “In Between Memory and Forgetting,”, exploring the transitional elements of color, form, and content in art. ARTISTS: Karsten Ramser, Susana Negri, Favaretto Stefano, Sarah Melchiorre, Maya Pacifico, Magali Reales, Roberta Bissoli, Sasha Jovanovich, Rene Dissel, Erik Brede, ZT Tosha

Magali Reales is a Colombian contemporary artist that experiments with the different possibilities of the object-viewer relationship. Thus, movement plays a significant role in supporting her light and color techniques.


The Netherlands

The Netherlands


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