Photographing the invisible-Climate change art

Continuous climate change and the situation regarding the environment have led me to undertake an art that is able to give useful messages and to take concrete actions in favor of the climate. Through my  innovative art I’m trying  to give a strong message of respect for the environment.
By photographing the faces or figures present in nature and connected to local legends, I’m trying  to give a clear demonstration through a scientific means, such as the camera, that nature is made up of living energies and as such must be respected.

My art therefore invites the viewer to go to the places photographed by me and to look at them with different eyes, implementing a reflection on the theme of nature and the environment.

According to me, art can become a useful tool for spreading positive messages globally and it is therefore our moral duty to contribute as much as possible to creating a better world.

The amazing photographs I took all over the world, are all real photographs and mirrored to complete the figure that I see before the shot in nature itself.

A stimulating journey towards a world that is sometimes unknown which often leaves the viewer surprised but which leads to deep reflection.