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Certify Your Artworks

Authentication, Immutability, Immortality, Heritage, Shereable, Global Valodity thanks to Blockchain!

01. What is exactly the Digital Certificate?
The Digital Certificate(DC) of an artwork is a “zip” folder containing all the documentation related to it, such as high definition images, author authentication, documents relating to the possible archiving, evidence of the exhibitions in which the artwork was exhibited, indications of relevant publications, extracts of publications containing information on the artwork. The DC may contain information on the author, on historical periods, information on current and previous properties, the place where the artwork is physically kept, prices, deeds of sale, sales declarations and appraisals. The “zip” folder is signed on blockchain. The contents of the CD can not be modified neither in its contents nor for the information relative to the date of creation and updating.
02. Advantages?
The DC facilitates the necessary due diligence in the purchase phase of an artwork, the artworks equipped with it are easily inventoried and a collection of certified artworks is always updated. The DC represents the optimal tool where information needs to be given in import / export / customs clearance operations and in succession dues. It greatly enhances the artwork, facilitates the process of information exchange and gives access to great visibility thanks to the possibility of publishing it on the Marketplace and on other platforms.
03. A new generation of artworks
The DC is the prerequisite for a new generation of artworks that will differ from the previous ones for the possibility of accessing all the documentation through an incorruptible, shared and public archive. Thus creating the conditions for a new and more open, transparent and liquid art market.
04. Minimum requirements to request the DC
Two high definition images and an authentification of the author or the archiving, represent the minimum requirements to be able to request the DC and for its issuing along with the title, author (with the relative profile), dimensions, technique and year of realization.
05. DC verification
The DC can also be shared by sending the “zip” file directly. In this case it is possible to check its integrity by uploading the file in the appropriate section at the top of this page. The DC will be compared to the one filed on Blockchain showing the details of the artwork if it is valid or considered invalid if in any way it differs from the original.
06. How to request the DC?

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07. Use of the DC
    The DC can be:
  • utilized for strictly private use
  • shared with a selected group
  • public, publishing it on the Marketplace or within other platforms.
08. How to access, share or publish the DC.?
    The DC can be accessed in the following ways:
  • through the QR code (available in the reserved area)
  • using the link to the “zip” file (available in the reserved area)
  • in proximity of the artwork through bluetooth connection
    The DC can be shared in the following ways: sending the QR code or the link to the “zip” file via email or social media using the “Share” option in the “My certificates” section.
  • sending the link to the artwork profile page containing all the information, the link to the DC and to the signature registered on blockchain.
The DC can be published on the Market Place along with the artwork, after it is obtained, by clicking “Publish” in the “Manage Artworks” section.
09. Publishing on the Marketplace
Once the issue of the DC has been approved, the folder with the documentation and the details of the related blockchain transaction will be available in the artwork profile. If you want to publish the artwork on the Marketplace, it will be possible from the “Manage Artworks” section.
The creation of an artist’s public digital archive represents an exceptional reference for all owners of the artworks, a demonstration of total transparency and the equivalent of a permanent exhibition.
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  • ArtID | Digital Certificate, a new generation of Artworks
  • Create a complete archive of all your artistic production
  • Give a DNA to Your Artworks
  • An incorruptible register based on Blockchain technology
  • Publishing on the Marketplace
  • DC verification
  • Artists Archive
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Stefano Favaretto was born in Merano in 1969. His passion for photography led him right from the age of 15 to study photographic techniques and experiment with them. ons in his pictures.

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