Amsterdam 2020 ArtID

In Between Memory and Forgetting

So how does art shape our collective memory of the past? And how might it inform our experience of major events in our own time?
The development of new means of communication is changing our sense of reality. the media make narratives of memory and identity into dominant and meaningful representations of reality. The website serves primarily as a living digital archive of stories and works of art from anyone who wishes to share!
Thanks to cell phones and other similar products, we don’t stop keep broadcasting ourselves onto social media, making ourselves both the subject and object while testifying our reality as it unfolds.
Each artist presents a new work for the ArtId Event “In Between Memory and Forgetting”, exploring the transitional elements of color, form and content in art.
The group exhibition examines how the language of abstraction and figurative form can turn narratives of memory and identity into dominant and meaningful representations of reality.

The exhibition focuses on artists who challenge the idea of ​​a representation of reality created through the development of new means of communication primarily social networks./ Artist-curator: ZT Tosha

Sasha Jovanovich
selffie 1 rene dissel-
Erik Brede
ZTTosha2019-topcut copyB&W
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The interdependency between memory and forgetting

The task of preserving memory is difficult when it comes to art, because there will inevitably be tension between an object invented by a subjective mind and the objective fact or event it is meant to depict. Even a map can be inaccurate when drawn from just one perspective. TATE
Curator ZT Tosha

In relation to modern art, allegory is when one narrative might mean another

Allegories are a comprehensible way to express complex, abstract ideas such as love, life, death, virtue and justice.