Karsten Ramser

The work CONNECTEDNESS indicates towards the essential aspects of memory and forgetting. It points to the understanding what is memory and its very inner structure, it is essential to understand how memory works and how forgetting happens, before we talk about what we remember and what we forget.
Memory itself is imagination, actually the area in the brain where we remember is the same where imagine, therefore memory is imagination, it doesn’t exist in the real world, there is not such a thing as solid objective memory at all.
One thing is the event itself and another thing is what we remember. The events are as there are, but the relation we have with them is always subjective. We can say that memory is the relation we have with the event, but not the event.
Memory is always remembered in the present moment, therefore it depends on our state of consciousness in that present moment, and when our consciousness change the memory change too. Thats obvious, it is common sense, the strange thing is that we ignore this fact and really believe that memory is a solid and objective issue.
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Art without a creator. No sculpture. No painting. No time. No past. No future. No Memory. No forgetting

Being connected eliminates time. Connectedness is the present moment. No memories nor projections. Connectedness transcends the prison of time. Connectedness overcomes the illusion of a separated identity with a specific solid memory.

" Life is an artwork for itself "

ArtID Archive Amsterdam November 16 -22 2020