Magali Reales

"I was born in Cali in 1961 in Cali, Colombia. I have led a nomadic artist life that began in 1985, I have had more than 27 solo and group exhibitions, live performance actions, videos and installations in some parts of the world. Among the most significant I can mention the actions with the group “Sin Titulo” (1992–1994) at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid."
Magali Reales is a Colombian contemporary artist that experiments with the different possibilities of the object-viewer relationship. Thus, movement plays a significant role in supporting her light and color techniques.
In addition to movement, Reales uses music to strengthen the exploration of the senses in her installations. The transparency of her fabric allows “reality to enter the sense filled viewer experience.” Her work also includes photography and filming on canvas.
Artwork exhibited in The Gallery

I have led a nomadic artist life that began in 1985

Although Carl Sagan reminds us: our memory also comes from the stars, Gaudí also mentions that it is in the encounter with the origin that the original arises. And it is in the route of this mechanics we are.

"color al cosmos.. cosmos al color."

ArtID Archive Amsterdam November 16 -22 2020