Rene Dissel

After a turbulent life as a musician he picked up the camera again and won a first price in landscape for National Geographic 2007. His early photographic work with film was shot in black and white.
As a child Dissel photographed everything with his plastic Kodak instamatic camera, especially airplanes with a nearby airbase.
Influenced by photograpers like Irving Penn and many others he followed a masterclass with Maarten Corbijn alias Corbino In 2014 he made a book with 50 portraits in black and white “ontmoetingen met Amersfoorters” with analogue medium format cameras. Resluting in several exhibitions.
Since he uses digital cameras his output has changed more to colour. For some time he experimented with i.c.m. (intentional camera movement) combining different techniques like long exposure and multi exposure. Painting with the camera with the main goal to produce an image just in camera without post processing the images in Photoshop.And voila with his love for the sea, lakes and rivers he made a series of abstract fine art images. The images breathe a sense of Zen, silent flowing spaces like meditations.
Artwork exhibited in The Gallery

Confidence as the basis for a powerful image, the meeting translated into an own visual language that matches the identity of the person.

With attention to the personal appearance and image of your company or subject. René Dissel's involved photography stands for powerful communication through expressive images. Portrait photography and reports on location or in the studio for an attractive and timeless image with a story.
Rene Dissel (NL)

"People have a story "

ArtID Archive Amsterdam November 16 -22 2020