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Roberta Bissoli Room

MEMORY (red) Sometimes you will never know the value of something until it become a memory.

Digital Certificate

artist's public digital archive

The creation of an artist’s public digital archive represents an exceptional reference for all owners of the artworks, a demonstration of total transparency and the equivalent of a permanent exhibition. The ArID Digital Certificate is the basis for ensuring the authenticity of artwork.


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Today, ArtID represents the best integrated solution in the art market for the complete management of all processes related to identification, certification, promotion, sales and logistics of any artwork in the World.
Inmutable thanks to the Blockchain technology,it includes the complete set of documentation.

Integrated Logistics

Saves the time

Partnership with Swiss Logistics Center, a Swiss company specialized in handling, storage and logistics of artworks, fine wines, articles and supplies for the fashion and luxury industry, vintage cars and precious objects,permits to ArtID to offer a world-wide delivery service.

ArtID Spotlght : Interview with Roberta Bissoli

So how does art shape our collective memory of the past?

It is easy to answer this question … I think I wrote it in fiery red letters in my work without memory there would be no art, culture, society or future. Memory is essential for our future. Art is a fundamental part of this system, this art process -> culture -> society -> future!

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Roberta Bissoli Room

Maybe I will not answer the doubts of most, I will not satisfy everyone, I will not like everyone, I will not be understood by everyone, but one thing is for sure … I will finally be free!