Stefano Favaretto

[…]The spirits recalled by the artist are part of a past that is not willing to fade, a past still living in the present, or, rather, a past that obsesses the present like an ever-present spirit. All theses creatures belong to a collective memory that relives in Stefano’s pictures, a legacy always there to carry the vast frame of memory.
“Photographing the Invisible” My artistic research aims at investigating, in a deep and systematic way, the existence of an avoidable bond between an invisible and spiritual universe and what , instead, represents the visible and the material world.
To go deeper I usually explore those elements which represent a bridge between the material world and the spiritual world, as myths and legends which connect real elements, or really existed, to surreal and fantastic elements which have lain down in the collective subconscious for centuries and this doesn’t mean they are inexistent (see the myth of Christmas or the angels).
As for me, myths contain precious information about rites, traditions and popular beliefs, often provided by a peculiar observation of the reality. By exploring this mythical reality we can perceive as well as show, how the human being has always tried to “go beyond” and has the certainty that there is another universe we do not see. Through photography, as a scientific means, I try to eternalise an “invisible” reality that is here, in front of us, and to take it to the surface, revealing it to the world in its entirety and form by mirroring it. The main objective is to succeed in demonstrating that nature and the spiritual world are completely intertwined and, as such, they have to be respected and preserved in their beauty.
Artwork exhibited in The Gallery

I try to eternalise an “invisible” reality

The use of alive materials where to print, such as stone, marble and wood, makes a continuity in the execution of the research and keeps the duality physical- non physical in their conceptual uniqueness. Stefano Favaretto
Stefano Favaretto (I)

“Photographing the Invisible”

ArtID Archive Amsterdam November 16 -22 2020