Susana Negri

Art as a daily ritual. As air, as a manifestation. With the simplicity of the routine and wrapped in the pots and the patio and the seasons. Art without ceremony, bareback to raw reality. Expressive and tough. And beautiful. And tender, and cruel.
Indispensable art to transcend that necessary collective impulse that begins “one by one”, invoking the ghosts, saving my life. Starting from the human form, all forms in a continuous and multidimensional present that stretches and climbs, fleeing from its own carnality towards infinity, until returning to everyday life.

Artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. teacher graduated from the “Manuel
Belgrano” National School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires and a stage designer from the “Ernesto de La Cárcova” National School of Fine Arts.
She has dabbled in engraving, sculpture, drawing, collage and painting. In her works, the fusion of different techniques and experimentation with different materials can be observed: previously prepared bases in plaster, paper, gold leaf and latex, as the starting point of her figurative work. Passionate about the human figure, rhythm and movement, theatrical atmospheres, the world of the feminine and dance are recurrent in her works. Since 1985, she lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Artwork exhibited in The Gallery

The truth is that we live delaying                 

everything that can be postponed; maybe we all know deep down that we are immortal and that sooner or later, every man will do all things and know everything ..."Funes el memorioso" Ficciones (Jorge Luis Borges.1944) 
Susana Negri (AR)

"Art as a daily ritual."

ArtID Archive Amsterdam November 16 -22 2020